“..the only people for me are the mad ones... who burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars...” Kerouac

“All that is transitory is but a metaphor.”

—   Goethe

“Follow your bliss. There’s something inside you that knows when you’re in the center, that knows when you’re on the beam or off the beam. And if you get off the beam to earn money, you’ve lost your life. And if you stay in the center and don’t get any money, you still have your bliss.”

—   Joseph Campbell

“Ecology is a dialogue in a language without words.”

—   Bringhurst

“The burden of living one’s own life is experiencing sensations that no one else can share.”

“To live is to sign your name,
is to ignore the dead,
is to carry a wallet
and shake hands.”

—   David Ignatow, Rescue the Dead (via misadventure-rogue)

“I should be content
to look at a mountain
for what it is
and not as a comment
on my life.”


David Ignatow

Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart: Poetry for Men

Robert Bly

James Hillman

Michael Meade

(via ptsal)

Above Everything

I wished for death often,

But now that I am at its door

I have changed my mind about the world.

It should go on; it is beautiful,

even as a dream, filled with water and seed,

plants and animals, others like myself,

ships and buildings and messages

filling the air—a beauty,

if ever I have seen one.

In the next world, should I remember this one,

I will praise it,

above everything.

By David Ignatow

“[It] runs through every moment of existence, about the fleetingness of lives lived in a world where nothing can be saved. [It is] entering that state of being with a joy and wonder that comes from that very impermanency, from the absolute dispossession of everything we love and cherish. The wonder is that anything at all exists. The joy is that it does, even if it is as momentary as a human life. We can live this as a mode of attention, we can live within its movements, its cycles and treasure the phases, the round of it. (p.246)”

—   Canadian poet, Don Domanski (2002)

(Source: teachingjourney)

Wendell Berry Reads A Poem on Hope - YouTube

No place at last is better than the world. The world
Is no better than its places. Its places at last
Are no better than their people while their people
Continue in them. When the people make
Dark the light within them, the world darkens.